How to Set Up Application Load Balancer With Lambda

In less than ten minutes you can have a Lambda-powered API that is integrated with both API Gateway and Application Load Balancer. How? I will walk you through deploying a set of example services that I built that demonstrate using Application Load Balancer with your Lambda functions. We’ll first create an API with API Gateway, and then create an application load balancer with all of its pre-requisites (a VPC, etc), enabling you to call the same function using either the API Gateway endpoint or the application load balancer.

How to Set Up CloudFormation Custom Resources

Many examples on this site rely on CloudFormation custom resources. Custom resources allow you to manage resources within CloudFormation even when those type of resources are not supported natively by CloudFormation. I’ve created a number of custom resources that are available on GitHub, and in this brief tutorial, I will show you how to use them. Note: This article is not an in-depth explanation of what custom resources are or how to write your own.